Krazy for Kolsch and Ga-Ga for Gose!

Summer is upon us! One clear indicator is the release of all the seasonal Kölsch and Gose beers !  
Kölsch and Gose beer-styles both are from cities in Germany, and both styles are named after those cities.  Kölsch comes from the city of Cologne, or Köln in German.  Gose comes from the city of Goslar, though the style was adopted and made famous by the German city of Leipzig.
Kölsch are the German response to the British Pale Ale.  They are light, and slightly fruity with no discernible alcohol taste.  They are brewed with Pale and Vienna malts to keep them crisp, though Wheat malts are sometimes used to keep them smooth.  The beers officially designated ‘Kölsch’ can only be made within 50 kilometers (about 30 miles) of Cologne, Germany, all others are ‘Kölsch-style,’ but not official Kölsch beers.
Gose are another lighter style of beer, but with a sour twist.  The sourness of a Gose is light, similar to a squeeze of lemon juice as opposed to the mouth-puckering sourness of American Wild Ales.  Gose can be brewed with added coriander and salt, which lends to the slightly salty and herbal flavors associated with Gose.  Like Kolsch, Gose are brewed using Pilsner and Wheat malts to keep them light and crisp.
Both styles match perfectly with summer, and Blackwell’s has some perfect examples of these beers to enhance the summer season for you!
-Mike Hess Brewing’s 'Claritas' Kölsch-style ale. This pedigreed brew just won the 2016 Gold medal for the World Beer Cup's German-Style Kölsch-Style, and it really holds up!  It is made in the traditional Kölsch style with the traditional Kölsch flavors, even if it comes from the rather UN-traditional San Diego.
-Sierra Nevada's 'Otra Vez' Gose.  Traditional Gose flavors are added to the light sweetness of Prickly Pear Cactus fruit and grapefruit in this brew.  Lightly tart and salty, Otra Vez is a great modern take on the Gose-style!
-Leipziger Gose.  If you want a truely classic Gose, look no further than this brewery which has been open since the 1800s.  A traditional Gose coming from Leipzig, the city which has claimed 'Gose' as its own!
Give one, or all, of this light and refreshing suds a whirl - you won't be disappointed!
Kölsch Regards,
Ari Zimmerman
Templar of Tonics

Ari Zimmerman
Ari Zimmerman


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