It’s that time of year again! February has arrived and with it comes the largest, most watched sporting event in America – the Super Bowl. It’s a time for friends and families to gather together – huddled around the television or sitting in the stands – and cheer on their favorite team. One thing is for certain, nothing goes better with football than beer, and we’ve chosen Blackwell’s five best game-day ales to accompany you as you watch the pinnacle of American football.



  1. Founders – All Day Session IPA: The Super Bowl doesn’t begin right at kickoff; it’s a whole-day occasion (or week-long occasion if you’re here in San Francisco) starting from the time you wake up to the moment the teams take the field. As the name suggests, Michigan-based Brewery, Founders, has the sessionable IPA that will keep you happy all day long, no matter how well your team is doing. 
  2. North Coast – Scrimshaw: A stalwart from the brewery out of Fort Bragg, Scrimshaw is the light Pilsner that you need in your life. Leave the Coors and Buds to the friends you didn’t invite to your Super Bowl party but showed up anyway. This long-time favorite balances crisp malt and flowery hop profile as well as any and keeps the ABV low enough for you to have another, and another…and another.
  3. Alpine – Hoppy Birthday: The hop bomb of an IPA with the low malt body of a session, this fantastic seasonal from the southern California brewery will have you falsely believing you’re sitting in a pine forest despite the television and bowl of chips you’ve liberated from the rest of your viewing party. Floral and piney hop aromas attack like a full-out blitz on your olfactory. 
  4. Avery – Liliko’I Kepolo: A Belgian-style white ale brewed with spices and passion fruit? Yes! The perfect half-time refresher or consolation beer when your team fumbles. This delightful, unique brew from Avery in Colorado (home of the Broncos) has the crisp, light body of wheat beer and a slight tartness from the passion fruit. End product = perfect play call.
  5. Modern Times – City of the Sun: This IPA from one of San Diego’s best is labeled as “Juicy” and, let me tell you, it’s no lie. This tropical IPA boasts so much citrus hoppy-ness and is so refreshing that you’d be forgiven for assuming your buddies slipped you a Gatorade when you weren’t looking. Don’t be fooled, though, at above seven percent ABV this IPA won’t be your sessionable ale, but the true winners will find City of the Sun hard to beat.

There you have it, Blackwell’s Top 5 Beers for the Super Bowl. Enjoy and remember, the right beer can make or break your bowl party. So make it sud-sational!

       Emilio Gonzales 
       Lord of Libation