Don’t Believe The Hype?

During the past few years, Japanese whisky has gained monstrous traction. Ever since Japan bested Scotland several years ago, the demand has drastically increased. Enthusiasts across the globe are seeking anything distilled in Japan. So much so, that Japanese producers are eliminating aged statements because the demand has surpassed the supply. But what is it about Japanese whisky that has caused fans to flock to it in masses?

Japanese whisky is very distinct. Flavor profiles include fruit, flower, spice, smoke, and oak. Although this can all be found in other types of whisky, what makes Japanese whisky unique is its approachability. Japanese whisky is very balanced and tends to be on the lighter side. It’s silky smooth and easy to drink. It does not take a seasoned whiskey connoisseur to enjoy a glass. It’s also versatile; drink it on the rocks, neat or in a cocktail, nothing is off limits!

Below are some of my favorite expressions of this elegant whisky category:


Hibiki Japanese Harmony
Rose, lychee and sandalwood on the nose. Candied orange peel, white chocolate and hint of 
oak on the palate.

Hakushu 12 year
Basil, pine and apple on the nose. Pear, kiwi, mint with a touch of smoke on the palate.

Nikka Coffey Grain
Sweet spice, mango and coconut on the nose. Toffee popcorn, heady citrus and tropical fruit on the palate. 


Grab a taste while you can! Whether a taste at a bar, or a bottle from Blackwell's. You will taste at first sip why these whiskies are flying!

Jeff Tavares
Fermented Beverage Savant

Jeff Tavares
Jeff Tavares


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