The Gardener French Riviera Gin


42% ABV, 700 ml

Elegant, pure and modern reviving the tradition of great

London Dry Gin. Made in France & Organic.

Using his know how of distilling traditional London Dry Gin, Tom Nichol (former master distiller of Tanqueray) created The Gardener with a modern twist. 

To achieve his vision of a perfect gin, he chose each of The Gardener’s ingredients with an uncompromising sense of quality. Tom’s recipe is a unique creation distilled with fresh citruses – bitter orange Bigarade, sweet orange and pink grapefruit – grown locally in the heart of the French Riviera.

Fresh and soft, subtle and pure, The Gardener is a study in elegance and harmony—the very image of nature itself.

A triptych of sky, land, and fire, The Gardener and its creators embody the elements of nature required to create a spirit that captures the French Riviera. 

From this meeting of like minds, each with exceptional skill, came a new idea. 

The French Riviera’s art-de-vivre has enchanted artists and dreamers from all over the world, from Christian Dior and Brigitte Bardot to Grace Kelly and The Rolling Stones, ...

The French Riviera is a heart of creation, an instigator of inspiration, a place where the imagination is let to transcend and run wild.

Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

21 and Over: Adult Signature Required

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