Blackwell's "Rum of the Month" Rum Club


The Blackwell's "Rum of the Month Club" for March 20th 2019 is the Rhum Clement VSOP "Rhum Vieux Agricole"

"Even while showing its barrel-aged origins on the nose with hints of vanilla and toffee, there’s an enticing ripe tropical fruitiness that underlines everything. On the palate, all is exposed: Worn leather, grass, and sugarcane with baking spice popping its head up for the finish." 97 Points 2017 Ultimate Spirits Challenge


It's time we take back Rum! There are great values in Rum, and great products that are ideal for serious reflection. Thus, it is time for us to create a  “Club.” 

This is the way it works. . . You will sign up to be a part of the Club with a purchase of this month’s selection (it will be shipped immediately).  You only have to do this once! On the 20th of the next month, and any subsequent months, you will receive that “Rum of the Month” automatically. We will have one Rum on offer each month, and I expect the price for these Rums to be in the $40-$100 price range.  We intend to announce the Rum at least a week in advance, ideally two weeks in advance.  You will be able to skip a purchase if you want, or cancel at any time. The date of “execution” for the Club membership will be the 20th of each month.

Once you have joined the Club, you can go to this link to change, cancel, or skip an upcoming Club Subscription:  Blackwell's Whisk(e)y Club

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