Deadhead Cask Aged Rum


40% ABV, 750ml, From Chiapas, Mexico

"Fresh cane juice from estate grown sugar cane is slowly fermented then distilled in copper pot stills to remove impurities, and develop a rum with excellent aroma, texture, and pure, clean flavors. The rum is then aged in medium charred American oak barrels for six years. At the same time, molasses is patiently fermented through local airborne yeast then distilled in a single column still crafting a bold, crisp rum with richness and solid structure. To achieve a subtle yet intricate flavor the rum is aged for over six years in Chiapas oak and heavily charred American oak barrels. These two rums are meticulously blended together to achieve the perfect balance and complexity of a well crafted spirit.

Deadhead rum is housed in bottles resembling tsantsas, or shrunken heads. They pay tribute to the Shuar, an indigenous people who were known to collect the shrunken heads (tsantsas) of their vanquished foes, believing that the soul remained within. No tribe on earth knows the true meaning of nonconformity better than the Shuar and are believed to be the only group to have never been conquered. Many believe that these artifacts were kept as trophies, taken for honor and spiritual renewal. While Deadhead’s vessels don’t contain souls, they do contain extraordinary spirits.

Not everything fits neatly into the glorified history of our old textbooks. We believe in celebrating the history less studied. Shrunken heads symbolize this exotic and unusual past, along with individuality and courage and are a vivid reminder of the many varied practices which give color and interest to our world. Our rum is more than a spirit—it is art and science; it represents history and culture. It is the masterful designing and blending of something that satisfies us—something that accompanies us through great moments in life."

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