Foursquare Rum Distillery Premise Single Blended Barbados Rum


46% ABV, 750 ml

As the 8th of their exceptional cask series release, the Foursquare Premise Single Blend is a 10-year old expression bottled in 2018 at 92 proof. Blended from pot and column still rums, it’s first aged for three years in ex-bourbon barrels before completing its remaining 7 in ex-sherry casks.

This aging process results in a medium amber-colored rum with a smooth, delicious taste with just enough spicy burn to prove the presence of alcohol. Very complex yet surprisingly easy to drink, this is one of the best rums to pass the time with preferably with good company and a box of cigars on hand.

The nose of this fine rum starts with intense notes of caramel, toffee, brown sugar, and raisins followed by subtle fruity notes of green grapes, apples, and some pineapple. Complementing its aroma is a creamy and equally sweet palate with lots of brown sugar and light caramel with hints of tobacco, spice, sharp lemon, and sherried oak. Wrapping this up is a lengthy and pleasant finish.

  • 46% ABV or 92 Proof
  • Blend of pot and column distilled rums
  • Aged for 3 years in ex-bourbon casks and 7 years in ex-sherry casks

Collections: Rum, Spirits


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