Aman "El Profesor" Anejo Tequila


750 ml, 40% ABV, El Profesor Añejo Tequila is made with very ripe and select agaves, aged minimum 12 months in French Oak and American Oak barrels.

"This spirit commemorates our founder’s 15 years of educational public service. It is a symbol of his classroom values: tenacity, perseverance, ambition, determination, hope, kindness, and love. It is dedicated to all people who are the pillars of change, hope, strength, resiliency, perseverance, and pride.

El Profesor stands tall being the only Rose Gold gradient-metalized tequila bottle on the market. Contemporary interpretations of the “Coa” are found on the back of the bottle. This is a blend of nature’s inspiration, featuring stylized pointed agave-like shapes and contemporary, slender forms, making a way for the iconic, sculptural towering look. The vertical form is further accentuated by the innovative metallic gradient - the first of its kind on the market - which reveals the precious liquid and glass on the wide side of the bottle."

"Meet Hector Dávalos, AMAN Tequila’s master distiller. Hector belongs to a tequila-loving family who’s proud of the Mexican traditions and cultures. His father, a Chemical Engineer, was hired by Jorge Nuñez for Tequila El Viejito in 1969, where he worked for 25 years. He helped this brand become the second tequila export in the world and later partnered with Maestro Alcaraz, Master Distiller for Patrón Tequila for 15 years. Hector’s father continues to advise companies in construction and equipment consulting, yeast, and tequila profiles.

Hector’s first contact with tequila factories was at a very early age, during summer vacations, he worked in learning the steps of crafting and creating. By high school, he was counting yeast populations under a microscope, feeding yeast starters, propagating on a laboratory scale, and of course cracking agaves to load autoclaves and ovens. On the weekends he would accompany his father to see the agave plantations as well as the agave orchards, both his family's and those purchased for production.

He joined the Mexican Armed Forces in 1994, as a Cadet in the Air Material Maintenance School, as a Specialist in Aviation Electronics, but he always felt the pull to return home. During breaks, he would travel with his father to Cinco Blancos and Quiote factory where he discovered that the world of Tequila was a passion that moved Hector, but there was something else that moved him even more, although all I ever wanted to do was fly, wanting to help his people was became his focus.

Hector spent the years of study at the Aeronautic College and the few days of summer and winter vacations in the tequila factories. Every vacation cycle he would come home and go to the factories in Tequila to work, and after completing the years in the Air Force, he left and returned to the heritage of his family and the heart of his people, studying for his Tequila Factory's report.

His passion for tequila was such that he never returned to the skies, as his heart took flight through his commitment to Tequila production. From there, Hector became the premier Tequila profiler working in the Bajio factory in Amatitan Jalisco Tequila Las Americas.  He worked on making adjustments in filtration production, integrated several of his ideas and the owner of the factory liked the results and soon began to make adjustments for all its products.  The company grew a lot in a few years and is now considered the best company in the Bajio area in Premium Tequilas."

Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

21 and Over: Adult Signature Required

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