Dahlia Cristalino Tequila


750 ml, 40% ABV, by Mezcal El Silencio 

Tequila Dahlia is a reposado tequila finished with the cristalino process to create the smoothest, most delicate luxury tequila crafted to sip effortlessly from daytime to nightfall. Dahlia is a full agave tequila, equally at home in a glass to be savored, or as part of your favorite tequila cocktails.

"When Mezcal El Silencio burst onto the scene nearly a decade ago, they revived the ancient art of mezcal, pioneering a unique approach and delivering the heritage spirit to an entire generation of creative drinkers and cultural innovators. Now, with the introduction of Tequila Dahlia, they hope to inspire a new, burgeoning flock of discerning tequila aficionados.

The mesmerizing depths of the Dahlia flower captivate - its myriad of colors, shapes, and patterns each more seductive than the last. Tequila Dahlia bottles this magic, honoring the beauty and diversity of its origin alongside the storied bloom that has been the object of love, lust, and war for centuries. A 100% Blue Weber Agave Reposado Tequila, each drop of Dahlia is filtered through activated charcoal for purity and balance. The result is a true transformation of agave into art that transcends time while paying tribute to the past with a masterful, modern Cristalino expression.

Hailing from Jalisco's Tequila Valley, Dahlia's journey begins with the finest estate grown 100% mature Blue Weber Agaves. Utilizing a meticulous production process, macerated agaves are cooked to optimize extraction while ensuring that no waste is left behind. The cooked agaves are then fermented using a proprietary yeast and expertly distilled to achieve Dahlia's distinctively rich character and aroma. The resulting tequila is aged in fine White American Oak barrels for six months until it reaches the desired complexity of the most robust Reposados. The finishing step is purification through the most advanced activated charcoal filtration technology, reducing impurities and giving Dahlia its signature, clean flavor. The stunning bottle design, standing tall and emblazoned with an illustrious crown of agave spears, is reminiscent of a vintage perfume decanter - an invitation to the delicate bouquet that blossoms from within.

"We are delighted to introduce Tequila Dahlia to the world and to our growing portfolio of beloved agave spirits," says Tequila Dahlia Co-Founder, Fausto Zapata. "We like to think of Dahlia's arrival as the bright, playfully seductive balance to our darker, more mischievous mezcal, while, of course, maintaining a steadfast commitment to craft that consumers have come to expect from Silencio products.""

Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

21 and Over: Adult Signature Required

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