Blackwell's Bourbon & Rye Whiskey of the Month Club


Below is the selection for December 2019 

Blackwell's Bourbon & Rye Whiskey Club! 

Deadwood Tumblin Dice Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

750 ml, 54.7% ABV, Single Barrel, (Barrel Proof),  4 Years Old, Heavy Rye Mashbill


    The main reason to create a “Club,” is simple: when we get in cool whiskeys it seems they are bought up extremely quickly, often before our core group of customers can buy any. We want to create a more easy-going, less time-sensitive shopping opportunity for our customers.

    I also want to showcase authentic "craft" whiskey from people that are actually distilling it. Sourced Whiskeys of course may be a part of the club in the future, if they are good!

    This is the way it works. . . You will sign up to be a part of the Club with a purchase of this month’s selection (it will be shipped immediately).  You only have to do this once! On the 20th of the next month, and any subsequent months, you will receive that “Whiskey of the Month” automatically. We will have one Whiskey on offer each month, and I expect the price for these whiskeys to be in the $40-$100 price range.  We intend to announce the whiskey at least a week in advance, ideally two weeks in advance.  You will be able to skip a purchase if you want, or cancel at any time. The date of “execution” for the Club membership will be the 20th of each month.

    Once you have joined the Club, you can go to this link to change, cancel, or skip an upcoming Club Subscription:  Blackwell's Whisk(e)y Club

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