Absolut Cilantro Vodka Litre


There's a light taste of lime in this cilantro-flavored vodka.

Absolut Vodka FAQs


If you see the bottle on our online store, and if our webpage says it is available, that means we have it!


The shipping rates will appear on the second webpage, after you input your address.


International orders will be shipped via DHL or FedEx, and those rates will appear after you input your address. DHL will be the fastest.


PayPal or Credit Cards are accepted for payment. For international orders, PayPal is preferred, and will result in a quicker shipping time; use of credit cards may briefly delay shipments.


Every effort is made to ensure “collectible quality” bottles. However, we cannot be responsible for manufacturer’s defects. 


For International Orders, you may have to pay taxes and duties. No sales tax is charged by Blackwell’s on orders shipped out of  California.


Shipping to Hotels:

  1. Some hotels in Las Vegas do not accept alcohol shipments. Please check with your hotel before ordering. 
  2. Be sure the bottles are shipped to the registered guest of the hotel. Do not ship to some at a hotel that i not a registered guest.


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