Akishika Okarakuchi Muroka Nama Genshu "Super Dry" Sake 720ml


Locally grown Yamada Nishiki rice polished to 60%.

A stout, robust and incredibly dry sake, prominent notes of black walnuts and caramel shading into spicy flavors of allspice and clove, the rich and spicy structure responds well to aging, flavor gaining depth and richness. Sake improves after opening growing mellow and gaining sweetness for days or weeks.

Brewery is located in the mountains between Kyoto and Osaka among terraced rice paddies. All of the rice used is locally grown by farmers committed to “bio-dynamic” (junkan) farming practices.

"The nose on this crazy dry sake is filled with dried fruit, wet wood, cocoa, and vanilla aromas. Pretty much this is now the driest sake in the store and it’s unpasteurized to boot. Go figure! For all you fans of really bone dry sakes, this brew takes the cake with a super quick fluid that is loaded with rice tones. Not only dry this sake has an alcohol content of 19.5% that speaks to clear liquor drinkers and foodies who like taking the oil out of dishes. A mid-sized glass is a better vessel to capture the unique flavors and enhances the dryness without poking a stick at the very high acidity. Crisp, tight, and compact this sake sings the tune of dryness."

Collections: Sake, Wine

Type: WINE

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