Badia di Morrona 2011 Vin Santo del Chianti Classico 500ml


50% Trebbiano, 15% Malvasia Bianca, 15% Colombana

There are various theories about the  origin of the name of this classic Tuscan dessert wine. A version from Siena tells of a  Franciscan friar who in 1348 cured plague victims with the wine normally used  by the brothers to celebrate the mass; the conviction that this wine had  miraculous properties spread, leading to the epithet santo (holy).  Another is from Florence: when the Council of Florence was held in  Florence in 1439, the Greek metropolitan Bessarion proclaimed upon drinking the  vin pretto, as it had been called up to that point (and also after), “This  is the wine of Xantos!”, possibly referring to a certain Greek Passito  (pressed raisin wine) from Santorini. His fellow diners, who misheard ‘Xantos’  as ‘santos’  believed that he had discovered qualities in the wine worthy to be proclaimed  “santo”. In any event, from that time on vin pretto became Vin Santo.  A variant of the story says that he used the word Xanthos ( Greek  meaning yellow) in speaking of the wine.   This Vin Santo is produced the same traditional way it has been made in  Tuscany for  centuries.

The Badia di Morrona lies halfway between Pisa and Volterra, in the heart of lands once walked by the Etruscans, and at a short distance from the village of Morrona . The countryside surrounding this ancient monastery is that of a picture postcard made up of wide valleys, rolling hills planted with the Company’s own vines, olive trees and dense woodland.   Today, the Estate covers 500 hectares with 90 hectares of dedicated vineyards, 30 dedicated to olive groves and the remaining to crops.

All the land belonging to the Badia di Morrona has been dedicated to agriculture and vines for hundreds of years. Our various terroirs are unique. – once undersea and now rich in marine nutrients – they vary from predominantly clay soil to sandy, mineral soils. This different variety of soil types enables us to grow a variety of grapes to a very high standard and makes our wines instantly recognisable at all levels, domestic and international .

They vineyards have been renewed over the past fifteen years and are a true reflection of the Company’s growth: La VignaAlta , L’Aquaviva, our first area with over 5600 plants per hectare; il N’Antia, to quote just a few vineyards, are part of our re-planting programme in line with the Company’s development strategy .

Over the last few years we have matched our growth in the quality of our wines with the installation of carefully chosen, innovative technology whilst maintaining traditional wine making techniques and safeguarding the individual characteristics of wines produced in this region.

With this strategy in mind, we have built a new winery, created with the objective of bettering still the quality of our wines through a careful selection and vinification of the different grapes we produce

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