Bhakta 27:07 Brandy


ABV 45%, 750 ml, a blend of Calvados and Armagnac

"BHAKTA27-07 took turn in the last seconds of its creation. Some say for better. Some say for worse. All courtesy of one man in France."

"On the day of production, Mr. Giles Garnham, manager of Chateau Bhakta in Armagnac France, drew from the wrong oversize barrel, known as a “foudre” in France.  The foudre he pumped from, to feed the bottling line, was actually twice as old  as the 27 to 7 years noted on the label. As error in translation, the bottles were filled & sealed before this mistake surfaced.

“For the drinkers, it’s great, for me it a problem. I lost Mr. Bhakta a lot of money” says Mr. Garnham. “It was really a big mistake.

And did Giles keep his job you ask? Well....

“I am lucky to keep my job, but maybe no one can get good workers in America right now, I am saved.”  Giles Garnham

Join us, BHAKTA Spirits, in welcoming BHAKTA27-07 into the USA. Only 1000 cases were produced. This label of BHAKTA will never be seen again...

BHAKTA 27-07 boasts a completely unique flavor profile. In order to freely express the cidery distillate, Calvados apple brandy makes up 90% of the blend, whilst the full-bodied Armagnac creeps into the tine of 10%.

It’s the perfect touch of dry, floral, candied apple notes. And adding in the signature BHAKTA style, the brandy is finished in Islay casks to give a kiss of smokiness. The perfect brandy for a whiskey drinker."

Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

21 and Over: Adult Signature Required

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