Bhakta 50 Year Old Armagnac "Lafayette" Barrel 12


ABV 48.8%, 750 ml

Comprised of vintage Armagnacs 1868 - 1897 - 1939 - 1946 - 1952 - 1963 - 1967 – 1970

Barrel 12: "Lafayette" 

"From Raj Peter Bhakta, founder of WhistlePig Whiskey and now Bhakta Brandy, comes the exclusive Bhakta 50 line. This rare collection blends Armagnac vintages dating back to 1868 in each bottle, with a 50-year minimum age statement and an Islay finish designed for the whiskey-lover’s palate. This spirit is older than any whiskey on the market, and its value is only growing as its unique barrel releases sell out one by one.

Bhakta 50 invites connoisseurs to taste the original French brandy tradition, born from pastoral artisanry and slow single distillation. Savor all 152 years of history contained in the bottle and enjoy a modern twist on the most exquisite of legacies. 

We recommend buying one to enjoy and one to save as a long-term asset. One to stock, one to rock. The bottle you stock could more than pay for both as these limited releases vanish."


Tasting notes: Lovely nose of honey and butterscotch. Initial notes of floral citrus and vanilla, with just a hint of peat. Islay smoke enters later, circulating with a deep oakiness. Finish is spicy, with white pepper to complement final notes of caramel and plum.

Collections: Armagnac, Brandy, Spirits


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