Blackwell's Scotch Whisky of the Month Club


This month (October 2018) the Scotch Club Selection is the Caol Ila Vintage 2006 Scotch Whisky bottled by Alexander Murray

This peated whisky from the famous Caol Ila distillery on the Isle of Islay is bottled at 40% ABV by the independent bottler Alexander Murray. The flavor profile is salt and peat, with notes of figs, toffee, peppercorn, and then more peat. This is what you love Caol Ila for!


This is the way it will work. . . You will sign up to be a part of the Club with a purchase of that month’s selection (it will be shipped immediately).  On the 20th of the next month, and any subsequent months, you will receive that “Whisky of the Month” automatically. We will have one Whiskey on offer each month, and we expect the price for these whiskys to be under $100.  I intend to announce what the whisky is at least a week in advance, ideally two weeks in advance.  You will be able to skip a purchase if you want, or cancel at any time. The date of “execution” for the Club membership will be the 20th of each month.

Once you have joined the Club, you can go to this link to change, cancel, or skip an upcoming Club Subscription:  Blackwell's Whisk(e)y Club

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