Booker's Bourbon 2016-06 "Noe Hard Times" 127.9 Proof



"I'm proud to share the sixth and final release in the Booker's Bourbon 2016 Batch Collection, Booker’s Batch 2016-06, also called "Noe Hard Times." This batch name pays homage to the nickname my dad, Booker Noe, earned playing football in Bardstown, KY years ago.

Dad was larger-than-life in personality and stature, and possessed both from an early age. Needless to say, no team in central Kentucky wanted to line up against such a formidable opponent. This, combined with a birthday in December 1929, just on the cusp of the Great Depression, earned him the nickname "Hard Times" on and off the field.

Uncut and unfiltered* – like all Booker’s Bourbon batches before it – “Noe Hard Times” features the robust flavor and natural proof that Booker’s Bourbon is known for and will be available beginning early December, just in time for what would have been Dad's 87th birthday. If Dad were here today, I know he would enjoy a glass of this batch while telling his favorite stories from his days on the gridiron."

-Fred Noe, Beam Family's 7th Generation Master Distiller


Booker’s  Bourbon Batch 2016-06, also called Booker’s “Noe Hard Times” is made up of barrels from 6 different rack houses with six different production dates. It is bottled at 127.8 proof and was aged for 6 years, 10 months, and 1 day. This batch has a nice aroma of vanilla and oak with hints of toasted nuts. The flavor is very well balanced and has a nice mouth feel with a smooth long finish perfect for sipping neat over the holidays.



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