Brewtality Carolina Reaper Triple IPA 12 oz


Brewtality triple IPA, made with Carolina Reapers, the world’s hottest chili peppers.

"In October, beer fan-turned-brew-entrepreneur Jeff Pickett will launch the first production run of Brewtality, a 10% ABV triple IPA made with Carolina Reapers, currently the world’s hottest peppers. To understand just how spicy these monstrous veggies are, a little context: The spicy heat exhibited by chili peppers is measured in Scoville units, named after pharmacist Wilbur Scoville. A bell pepper has 0 units; a red jalapeno (the variety used in Sriracha) usually has around 5,000. Things get really painful in the upper ranges: Habanero peppers can hit for up to 350,000 units on the Scoville scale, while ghost peppers—once the hottest chiles in the world—average 1 million. Carolina Reapers have been recorded in excess of 2.2 million units.

“I’m not going to satisfy everyone with a beer like this, so I really wanted to push the boundaries,” says Pickett, who contracted with a farm in Santa Rosa, California to have the super-spicy peppers grown exclusively for his brew. “I knew I wanted to use the hottest pepper in the world, but what was a really pleasant surprise was that the flavor of Carolina Reapers is really good. It’s got this nice fruitiness that I would contrast with Ghost Peppers, which have a flavor I would describe more like dirt. Thanks to the properties of the pepper and the recipe that we concocted, it really mixed well. It has a sweetness to it; it’s not super-hoppy because we felt that would fight with the flavor of the peppers. It’s all really well-balanced, and yet super hardcore.”" - Draft Magazine


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