Corralejo 99,000 Horas Anejo Tequila


99,000 Horas ("Hours") is aged in single Kentucky oak barrels no bigger than 200 liters for 18 months and double distilled in the traditional Corralejo Charente method using copper and column stills.  This premium tequila is presented in a rounded carafe style bottle and is designed for drinking neat on  the rocks or in cocktails. This beautifully golden copper tequila got its name from the number of hours to produce it, from cultivating the Agave to bottling. It has a wonderful body with woody flavor accompanied by soft fruity notes. Great on its own or on the rocks.

"The back story: Many bottles of booze bear an age statement showing how many years the spirit has been matured in barrels. But here is a tequila from Mexico’s Corralejo distillery that measures time in terms of hours — and so that is its very name, “99,000 Horas” (using the Spanish word).

We did the math: 99,000 hours equates to a little more than 11 years. But in this case, the age statement doesn’t refer just to the time spent in the barrel. Instead, it is an accounting of all the time that goes into making a bottle of tequila. As the brand notes, it takes at least eight years to grow the agave, the plant that is the source for tequila. The spirit itself is aged only 18 months, which classifies it an “añejo” (meaning “old”) tequila. In fact, there are “extra añejo” tequilas on the market that have been aged longer — Corralejo even produces one that has been aged 36 months." Market Watch

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