Coup de Grace 2015 Red Wine Lodi


The 2015 Freelance Wines Lodi Coup de Grâce has an eye-catching label depicting George Washington leading his blue-coated men into battle, amidst falling snow looking more like shimmering Fourth of July confetti.

The red wine inside is even catchier: A full bodied, dense yet lusciously rounded blend of Lodi grown Zinfandel (47%), Petite Sirah (29%), Petit Verdot (15%), and Cabernet Franc(9%). The aromatic profile is deep and spicy – cracked black pepper mingling with a whiff of smoke, like the proof of bombs-bursting-in-air. What’s not to like?

There are, of course, many other premium red wine blends out in the market. The store shelves, and online shopping sites, are teeming with them. When they came out with their first vintage of Coup de Grâce, a 2011, the minds behind the wine – winemaker Adam Mettler (who holds down two day jobs, as Director of Winemaking at Michael David Winery as well as for Settler Family Vineyards) and Mike Stroh (Marketing Director at Michael David Winery) – made no bones about their concept of blended reds: They called it Coup de Grâce precisely because it was meant to “vanquish the competition.” Hence, the label on their first four vintages, which depicted sword-wielding samurai warriors and a red ink splattered logo underlining their blood-thirsty aspirations.

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