Creyente Mezcal


Creyente Mezcal Joven is a blend of two 100% Espadin agave mezcals from separate regions of Oaxaca, created by famed mezcaleros Pedro Mateo and Mijail Zarate, who spent two years perfecting a joint process to birth a smoother and singular ultra-premium sipping mezcal.

Harvesting the finest quality Espadin agave from the regions of Tlacolula and Yuatepec, Mateo and Zarate roast the piñas using an artisanal method with mesquite wood in a horno cónico de pierdra (stone oven) for three days. The roasted piñas are ground by hand using a molina de pierdra (stone mill) to extract the succulent syrups, fermented in wooden barrels, then distilled in small copper stills. Following distillation, the two mezcals are cut with natural spring water and blended together to become Creyente. The resulting flavor profile is one achievable only by way of a blend; smooth, without sacrificing mezcal's signature smokiness.

The bottle's label reflects this uniquely cultivated blend with a mythical hybrid creature that is part Antelope, part Jaguar and part Golden Eagle. The artwork depicting this incredible chimera is part of the allure of this elegant new mezcal.


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