Domaine Regina 2014 Cotes de Toul Auxerrois Prestige


Toul is located about ten miles from Nancy in the Lorraine area of France (as in Alsace Lorraine). The grapes from this region were historically used in Champagne before the appellation borders were drawn up. After that, demand for grapes from this area diminished greatly, and now less than a dozen independent producers exist.

Isabelle and Jean-Michel Mangeot began Domaine Regina from scratch about 15 years ago after renting and eventually buying a number of small plots along the gentle hillsides.

Tasting Notes

The 2014 white wine is made with pure Auxerrois, a grape whose origins are in the French Moselle. Often confused with Pinot Blanc, it is more a cousin than a sibling. Flavors include pear, melon and orange and a hint of chalk. It has medium body and excellent fruit/acid balance.

Food Pairing

Try this with charcuterie, spicy vegetarian fritters or while listening to the B-52s, a Quiche Lorraine!

Type: WINE

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