Gran Cosecha Extra Anejo Tequila


40% ABV, 750 ml

"Our Añejo is aged 14 months in American Oak whiskey barrels. Whether or not you can identify its tasting notes (we recommend lots of practice), if you're like us you will find Gran Cosecha Añejo irresistible: white oak, vanilla, cherries, dried fruit, and savory nuts."

Gran Cosecha is the proud result of an artisanal, all-natural farming culture. Integradora San Agustin (NOM1547), the distillery where Gran Cosecha was born, became established in the 1930s by 5 families of traditional tequila making backgrounds. We have since been producing fine tequila in the mineral rich, mountainous region known as “The Highlands” of Jalisco. Now led by 4th generation Master Distiller, Ramon Esquivel, our vision is to elevate the tequila category worldwide, as well as our own spirit, with quality of production that our ancestors would be proud of.
The art of fine tequila making is extraordinary. It truly begins with the harvest. Highly reliant on mother nature for irrigation and sun exposure, our treasured agave plants reach their ideal maturity at 7.5 years on average. We value agave beyond its practical properties as a super plant; we view it as a spiritual link to the ethereal, spiritual realm where wisdom and creativity can be drawn from.
As proprietors of both the agave ranches and the distillery, Integradora San Agustin in Tototlan, Jalisco is uniquely capable of preserving the integrity and sustainability of our craft. Gran Cosecha keeps grounded in our family’s collective passion for premium harvest, craft, and refinement. We are truly honored to do our part in bringing fine tequila — perhaps the proudest staple of Mexican heritage - to the world.

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