Heater Allen Sandy Paws 22 oz


"When Rick started the idea for the brewery he was living at the beach. When trying to come up with a name for the Holiday beer he pictured his dog coming back from the beach with her paws covered in sand, thus the name Sandy Paws was born. Sandy Paws is typically a Baltic Porter, rich and malty with slightly spicy notes. This is one of our beers that we will change the recipe from year to year, it is also one of our beers that can be aged and is usually better after a year. In 2015 we switched the yeast we were using on the Sandy Paws; rather than using our house lager yeast, we decided to try fermenting it with the German Ale yeast we use for our Kolsch-style and Sticke Alt. Although we liked the beer the ale yeast produced, we found that it didn’t age quite as well so in 2016 we went back to using our house lager yeast. The TTB decided to not allow us to use the term "Baltic Porter" on our label, so although the 2016 is done in the style of Baltic Porter the label says "Holiday Lager." (2016 Sandy Paws: 1.021 FG, 7.4% ABV, 38.2 IBU, 23.6 SRM)"

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Type: BEER

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