Hepple "High Fidelity" Gin


45% ABV, 750 ml

Hepple gin is the epitome of small batch, hand crafted premium spirits!

Launched in London in 2015, Hepple gin has received numerous accolades and awards including a 2017 Double Gold from San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Victoria Moore of the London Daily Telegraph reviewed Hepple and stated: "Hepple might be the best martini gin I have ever tasted". Geraldine Coates new book: GIN- The Essential Guide for Gin Afficanados- reviewed Hepple gin with the following statement: "Hepple is a watchmaker's gin, one of the very best things to come out of the great gin revolution."

What makes Hepple gin a "watchmaker's gin"? It's about rethinking how premium spirits are made- challenging the conventional wisdom and changing the paradigm. After much experimentation and research, we found that the only way to capture the full essence of each botanical was to distill in 3 dimensions, what we call the "Triple Technique". The Triple Technique encompasses three processes- Copper Pot Distillation to ensure smoothness. Glass Vacuum Distillation of 5 of our botanicals to add freshness and flavor back into the blend. And, finally Super Critical CO2 Extraction to add a rich layer of juniper. The end result is what we call "High Fidelity" gin where each botanical works in harmony and balance to deliver brightness and freshness to Hepple Gin. It is a classic juniper based gin using modern technology to create the most perfect martini gin.

Hepple gin is produced and distilled on the 5,000 acre Hepple Estate, nestled in the untouched Northumerland Moors and one of England's last wild sanctuaries. It is a quiet place untouched by modern farming and mass tourism. It is here that Hepple comes alive. We forage and hand harvest four of our botanicals on the Estate- Green Juniper, Douglas Fir, Blackcurrant Leaf, and Lovage. To ensure we have sufficient ingredients as we grow, we have a rigorous propagation program for our Green Juniper & Douglas Fir to ensure as we scale up, we can deliver.

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