JAJA Tequila Anejo


750 ml, 40% ABV, NOM 1137

Aged for two years in American Oak barrels, our Añejo is full-bodied, complex, and incredibly smooth. It has notes of vanilla, almond, honey, and oak.

"JAJA is a small batch tequila that brings laughter and celebration to family and friends. Thoughtfully crafted, JAJA is sweet and herbal - inspired by the lightness of free-spirited days and intimate nights.

One summer not long ago, three friends traveled to Jalisco, Mexico, looking for the best tequila in the world. They wandered the hills and the mountains until they discovered a distillery that embraced traditional processes and eco-friendly production.

With the help of the local jimadores, our three friends learned that better tequila begins with the best agaves. Aged between 7-8 years, each JAJA agave is cut and cooked in brick ovens for a total of 32 hours. Then, each batch is "rested" for 8 hours and fermented for an additional 72 hours, allowing for our unique JAJA flavor.

The mark of an outstanding tequila is a unique and distinguished profile. JAJA Tequila is distilled in copper-lined pot stills using volcanic water to create a smooth experience, batch after batch. Our Blanco is bottled immediately after a meticulous distillation process, while our Reposado is aged, then blended for an elevated finish."


Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

21 and Over: Adult Signature Required

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