Jim Beam Signature Craft 11 Year Old Bourbon High Rye 375 ml


90 Proof 

Arguably, this is the best of the "Craft Series" of bourbons from Jim Beam.

"Roasted hazelnuts, sage brown butter, toffee, and vanilla on the nose. Soft on the palate balanced by a spicy rye kick punctuated by citrus zest, caramel, and almond. A pleasant, soft finish." 93 Points "Excellent, Highly Recommended" 2015 Ultimate Spirits Challenge

From The Drink Hacker:

".....High Rye is at least 51% corn and includes some amount of malted barley — but in this case there’s ample rye in the mash (the total amount isn’t disclosed). As with the other six expressions, High Rye is aged 11 years before bottling at 90 proof.

This whiskey was of course dreamed up well before the current RyeMania hit, so back in 2004, Fred Noe probably had no idea that “high rye” bourbons were going to be insanely popular (and even less of an idea that straight rye whiskey would be a big deal). That makes the Harvest Bourbon Collection High Rye a little less special than, say, the one made with oats, but it’s still a compelling spirit and a welcome friend to the Harvest Collection.

This is textbook “high rye” whiskey, a chewy and racy bourbon that is dripping with baking spices. Cinnamon, mint, tree sap, and baked apples all make an appearance on the nose. Big and pushy, it’s downright heady with the aromas of the bakery. On the palate, more of that classic rye character quickly comes to the fore. Amidst the apple pie and gingerbread notes emerge some traditional wood barrel notes, vanilla and lumberyard intertwined. The finish is long and punchy, a spicy fade-out that’s hard not to keep sipping on. Drink it neat, no water."

Collections: Bourbon/Rye, Spirits

Type: Spirits

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