Jim Beam Signature Craft 11 Years Old Bourbon Whole Rolled Oat 375 ml


90 Proof

"Creme brûlée, cherry cobbler, and a distinct eucalyptus note on the nose. Very complex. Mellow mouthfeel, with soft favors of baking spice mingling with fruit and roasted walnut. Delicious." 92 Points "Excellent, Highly Recommended" 2015 Ultimate Spirits Challenge

From the Whiskey Wash. . .

"In their Signature Craft line, Jim Beam has chosen to highlight the use of a signature grain along with its 51% corn mash.  Alongside six-row barley, soft red wheat, and high rye are the more unusual offerings of triticale (a wheat/rye hybrid), brown rice and rolled oats.  It was the latter that intrigued me most.   Oats are traditional.  Oats are (arguably) very Scottish.  Could they make a modern American whiskey?  The proof is in the dram.

In the glass, the color is deep amber, almost teak, with medium legs. Nose in deep and you are overwhelmed by warm wood and heather.

On the palate one finds a good balance of biscuit, tobacco, spice and ginger.  The finish is on the short side, but packed full of burnt sugar, orange peel and – yes – a hint of oats.

Taken alone, its interesting.  Taken at midnight with buttered dark toast, there might be only one thing that could beat it for a cozy, not-too-sweet comforting treat; a bowl of oatmeal with, maybe, a pinch of cinnamon."

Collections: Bourbon/Rye, Spirits

Type: Spirits

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