Funasaka Brewery Jingorou Honjozo Sake 720 ml


Honjozo sake or honjozo-shu is one of the specific types of premium sake. It is made with rice, koji, and distilled alcohol not greater than 10% of rice by weight. Honjozo sake has no rice-polishing ratio requirements, unlike Ginjo and Daiginjo.

Since the rice bran is rich in proteins and fat, various flavors are often found in sake that uses less polished rice. So, among the Honjozo-types, you can say that Honjozo sake’ tends to have a richer, more complex taste. Whereas, Ginjo and Daiginjo would have drier and more fragrant qualities.

To simplify, Honjozo will be used in this article to refer to Honjozo sake. Another type of premium sake is a special-type of Honjozo known as Tokubetsu Honjozo.

Collections: Sake, Wine

Type: WINE

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