Khee 22 Soju


22% ABV 750 ml

A soju with a delicate scent of flowers and a silky texture. It has a unique soft aroma with a subtle fruitful taste that lingers in the mouth. One of a kind flavor that everyone can enjoy.

The origins of soju date back to the 13th century during the Goryeo Dynasty. Centuries later, in 1965, South Korea banned the use of rice to brew alcohol in order to alleviate a rice shortage. Thus, changing soju forever.

Brewers adapted to the 1965 ban by replacing rice with starches like sweet potato and tapioca. As a result, the soju makers had to change the traditional distilled way to dilute alcohol. Thus, altering the flavor. In 1999, the ban was lifted, and since then, many soju makers went back to creating soju the traditional way. However, diluted soju remained in mass production to accommodate its popularity as the most consumed alcohol in the world.

We elected to revive and uphold soju’s treasured Korean heritage by brewing in the most traditional form. KHEE premium soju is distilled with 100% rice and natural rock water collected from 150 meter underground. We then let it breathe in microporous Onggi earthenware for 180 days and absolutely never utilize artificial additives. Eva Chow, the Founder of KHEE, set out to collaborate with master soju maker Hwayo to create an exclusive soju that has a smooth distinct fragrance that is complemented by an elegant finish with exceptional character.

This gluten free, highly versatile spirit can be enjoyed straight up or mixed in your favorite cocktail. It’s smooth natural quality makes it perfect for all cocktail recipes that call for vodka, tequila, or gin."

Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

21 and Over: Adult Signature Required

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