Kodoizumi Hakugyokko Yamahai Muroka Nama Genshu "Fragrant Jewel" Sake 720ml


A singular expression of Yamada Nishiki rice polished to 60%, Hakugyokko is a bold and rustic sake made by the time consuming hot yamahai method unique to Kidoizumi Brewery. Emblematic of their brash style it has a ripe fruit-driven nose that moves to flavors of honeydew melon and lychee on the palate and finishing with a robust dryness. Due to its unique production it is a remarkably sturdy brew, continuing to breathe and develop even weeks after opening.

"First let me say that there aren’t a lot of Nama Yamahais out there, so this sake is special. The nose is a beefy collection of honey, candy, banana, and birthday cake aromas. This sake is sort of a throwback brew, but with a cleaner and more flavorful twist. It is fat, gooey, thick, plump, juicy and sweet. But the higher acidity doesn’t let this brew drink as sweet as it could. There are plenty of chewy flavors to look for like honey, banana, and sweeet rice all of which give this sake a late harvest feel to it. If you are into sake exploration this sake is a prime example of a brew that is affected by its acidity in a sense that it tames a thick and sweet beast. It’s sort of a brewing wonder and add to that the fact that it is nama and you are partaking in a very unique sake drinking experience. "

Collections: Sake, Wine

Type: WINE

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