Laphroaig "Triple Wood" Islay Scotch Whisky


"Laphroaig’s owners are intent on ensuring a big peaty engine for any new release, but this is a monster by anyone’s standards. It’s essentially Quarter Cask finished in oloroso sherry casks, so in addition to the intense charcoal smoke attack there are rich fruity notes; blackcurrant and berries. It’s an evening barbecue whisky. Grill that fish until it’s blackened and crispy, drizzle on lemon, and as the smoke rears up in protest, sip this. Big, moody, broody, fruity, and rich: what’s not to love?"   94 points Whisky Advocate

"Brilliant gamboge yellow color. The bouquet is front-loaded with tangy scents of bay leaf, loose leaf tobacco, black pepper, and rosemary, then the aroma turns toasted, grainy/malty, moderately smoky, ash-like. Taste profile is supported by a rich viscosity that underpins the flavors of clove, BBQ sauce, dried flowers, charred seaweed, sea salt." 93 Points 2015 Ultimate Spirits Challenge


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