Lost Spirits Abomination The Crying of the Puma Peated Malt


54% ABV


No coloring additives.
No flavoring additives.
Peated To approximately 55ppm.

Nose. Opens with seductive marmalade and exotic fruits, antiseptic bandages, and a hint of seaweed, evolving into smoked apricot candy and coffee.

Palate. Starts out with sweet, lush, ripe stone fruit, warm buttered and salted stewed apricots, bordering on desert before transitioning to a rich peaty, but not smoky, iodine.

Finish. Releases a puff of smoke on the way down with a long lingering semi-sweet finish of smoked apricots. Leaves a lasting memory similar to a femme fatale from film noir, if that description could be used for a whisky.

"Overall: A fully-formed expression of Islay peat with a mature, oaky intensity not often experienced in that category, even with older Islays."

- Scotchnoob.com

"This one presents a perfectly orchestrated, gradual taste from welcoming fruit to a peaty exit as it goes down. It is really an interesting, complex and pleasant experience"

- Whiskyarch.com


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