Lost Spirits Navy Style Rum


61% ABV

61% Alcohol. This is a full strength rum is aged in new American Oak "treated" with sherry, for a rum with richness and balance, and a big dose of character.

No coloring additives.
No flavoring additives.
Grade A Molasses

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Critical Reviews:

"if you breathe deeply while you smell the rum, you can hear a sea shanty being crudely sung, off in the distance. - A Rating"

- Drinkhacker.com

"it will deliver flavor like nothing else on the market. "

- Rumgallery.com

"lovely and potent. What the hell are these guys
going to come up with next?"

- Andrew Abrahrams

"Dark fruits and baking spices predominate, with a rich, spicy finish. It’s not too sweet, it’s not too hot, and it’s perfect for sipping or in cocktails."

- Huffington Post


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