Massenez Mirabelle Yellow Plum Brandy 375 ml


The Mirabelle or Yellow Plum Eau-de-Vie from the MASSENEZ distillery has remarkable character, concentration and balance.

Color: Clear and colorless, with possible yellow highlights as it ages. Characteristic brilliance of fruit Eaux-de-Vies.  A supple, fluid Eau-de-Vie..

Nose: Clean, characteristic of Yellow Plum, with no strange notes. The intense nose is an indication of the quality of the selection of the original fruits and delicate distillation. Also and almond note, typical of stone fruits. Very fruity, long-lasting and inviting bouquet.

Palate: At the level of aromas, classical fruit brandy gradation structured in 3 major organoleptic notes:

  • Very subtle floral note of white flowers.
  • Intense fruity note, initially of fresh fruit overlaid by ripe fruit, marmalade and jam.
  • Very prominent spicy aftertaste underpinning the organoleptique profile.


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