Mezcalero Mezcal No 23


46% abv, 750 ml

Mezcalero No. 23 was distilled by Don Cosme Hernandez (who has not been bottled under the Mezcalero brand since Mezcalero No. 5.) and his son Cirilo at their palenque in San Baltazar Guelavila. This mezcal was made with maguey Sierrudo, which in this case is a local name for a sub-varietal of agave Rhodacantha (relative of maguey Mexicano). Distilled in August 2015, this batch spent nearly four years resting in glass before being bottled in April 2019.

Mezcalero Mezcal

Each Mezcalero bottling is true to the fundamental batch nature of artisan Mezcal production. Each bottling is distilled from a single integral batch of agaves that are at least 50% wild or semi-wild, and usually 100%. These “silvestre” agaves take a lot of work to harvest: searching for days in the mountains, packing the agaves back on burros. After that, it takes a month of continuous labor to produce a single batch of Mezcalero, usually 600-700 bottles. Mezcalero is both a brand and an intention. The brand is a way for talented artisan distillers to work with, and gain part of their livelihood from, some very special agaves. The intention goes deeper: to help preserve a way of distilling that is also a way of life, deeply linked to the distiller’s family, to his social environs, to his pueblo, to an entire way of life largely deriving from indigenous culture that is at risk of rapid deterioration under pressure from the modernization of Mexico.

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