Oakland Spirits Company "Automatic" Halfshell Gin


47.5% ABV, 750 ml

""Hi, my name is Halfshell Gin and I have the honor of being the worlds first (legal) spirit distilled through whole oysters. The shell, meat, liquor, and all. Although, my makers pulverize the hell out of them pre-distillation. I’m the newest member of my AUTOMATIC parents."

Made in collaboration with Hog Island Oyster Co. and using their signature Sweetwater Oysters from Tomales Bay. We developed this gin for their well but secured the rights to it for your palate, well, backbar, and/or future mind-blowing cocktails. There are few distilleries that would so frequently entertain collaborating on boundary pushing vapor distilled flavors. That’s why the local bar intelligentsia come to us with their exotic ideas. 

Oysters and gin/juniper were made to go together. That said, it took a considerable amount of bridge-botanicals to make the marriage stick. Smashed celery root bulbs, dried French tarragon, fresh parsley and lemons, to name a few. The oyster quality inhabits the texture, minerally mid-palate, and the mid-nose but is not super prevalent until you enhance it with classic gin cocktail additives (that have a bit of sugar). Tonic, Dry Vermouth, Green Chartreuse, Luxardo, and Carpano Bianco all bring the ‘Tomales Bay’ note right up to the top. Don’t fear, it’s super versatile and delicious on its own

Like all of our spirits, it’s distilled using neutral grape spirit and is gluten free."

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