Pinhook High Proof "Bourbon Heist" Bourbon Whiskey


750 ml, 119.9 Proof, Crop 2021

To date, Pinhook has sourced their bourbon from MGP, but Bohemian Bourbon High Proof marks a drastic change for the company. For the last few years they have been contract distilling a proprietary mashbill with Castle & Key Distillery. Bohemian Bourbon High Proof was distilled and aged at Castle & Key. A total of 100 barrels were blended and proofed by Sean Josephs, Pinhook’s co-founder and master taster to create this bourbon. Bohemian is the first bourbon to come out of the resurrected Old Taylor Distillery since it was abandoned in 1972.

This straight bourbon whiskey is bottled at 119.9 proof and has a vibrant burst of ripe pear and baked apricot up front which seamlessly gives way to toffeedates, and vanilla bean. A lingering and lifting finish of cinnamon , cedar , and peppercorn round out this complex, and exceptionally balanced expression.

Every year Pinhook releases a new bourbon and rye, each of which is connected to a promising young thoroughbred horse. The whiskey in each release is the best expression of our barrels at that moment in time, and we blend and proof each release to be as unique as the horse on the label. The result is an annual vintage of Pinhook Bourbon and Pinhook Rye that become instant collectibles. And while it is impossible to know if the horse on the bottle will go all the way to the Kentucky Derby, there is no gamble on the quality of what's inside.

Pinhooking is an old Kentucky term for purchasing young thoroughbreds, holding them until they mature, and selling them when they are ready to run. Successful pinhooks – much like whiskey -- are made on instinct, experience, an appreciation of quality, and a little luck. We handcraft our bourbon and rye to reflect the richness of the Kentucky soil and the character of its beautiful horse country, where we run our operations out of the newly restored Castle & Key distillery in Millville, KY.

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