Quivira 2018 Sauvignon Blanc Dry Creek Valley



"Year after year, this standout Sauvignon Blanc honors the varietal’s clean aromas and flavors. Dry Creek Valley experiences enormous temperature swings between warm days and cold nights. In this ideal climate for Sauvignon Blanc, the grapes reach full maturity while retaining exceptional acidity. Natural acid balance is a distinctive trait of our home vineyard’s terroir. Sauvignon Blanc from Quivira’s Wine Creek Ranch provides the foundation to the final blend. Emblematic of our great growing region, there is no better place to grow distinctive and enjoyable Sauvignon Blanc.

A light touch in the cellar, with a focus on varietal purity, allows as many elements of the vintage to shine in this standout Sauvignon Blanc. Great aromatic intensity across the full spectrum of classic Sauvignon Blanc aromas and flavors is a hallmark of this condensed vintage; harvest on this varietal began August 22 and lasted through September 9. A fuller mid-palate in 2017 enhances the perception of roundness...without losing the wine's crisp, refreshing essence.

The wine announces itself immediately with an exuberant nose of mixed citrus, passionfruit, white peach, and classic varietal grassy notes. Everything about this Sauvignon Blanc is clean and pure, with tightly focused aroma and flavor flowing into a smooth, seamless mouthfeel and ultimately a crisp, juicy, refreshing finish. An intriguing grilled pineapple character lingers pleasantly alongside the varietal grassiness."

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Type: WINE

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