Seven Stills "Fluxuate" Coffee Porter Four Pack Cans


made with Black Medicine Coffee

From Edible San Francisco. . . "The idea is appallingly simple: take the crude beer that typically becomes whiskey—that mix of soaked, mashed and fermented grains and water called “mash”—and replace it with something that actually tastes like something. Mash doesn’t taste good, but it doesn’t have to; distilling and aging will give the basic spirit its character, at least enough character to hold up in a cocktail. Mash can make an excellent complex whiskey, but it will always be limited by the breadth of those ingredients which for some reason the industry hasn’t made great strides beyond, perhaps because classic whiskey tastes good and mixes well, or because the vast majority of us are pulling it from a flask at a concert and can’t tell the difference anyway. Either way, with a few hops and odd yeasts in the mix, it’s a whole different game. 

This is the kind of simple, obvious improvement that ought to have been made by someone besides two college friends in their parents’ backyard, but the only precedents Obert and Potter found in their research were a few dull examples and an otherwise gaping space in the market—hiding in plain sight like a sinkhole in the desert. The two hunkered down at Potter’s parents’ house to experiment with distilling Tim's home brews and made tiny microbatches until their shelves were littered with 30 or 40 jugs. 

The results were promising: Russian Imperial Stout yielded a rich, hoppy whiskey with a chocolate backbone, and something about distilling did interesting things to the grassy, hoppy jasmine notes of some IPAs."

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Type: BEER

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