Slaughter House American Whiskey by Dave Phinney


The Spirit

An irresistible American Whiskey with endless layers and an everlasting finish, procured by Dave Phinney


The Barrels & The Water

After spending 9 years in American oak, the spirit was further matured in the Orin Swift Papillon barrels which added perfumed aromatics and rounded out the Mouthfeel.The spirit was then tamed with pristine water originating from a natural hillside spring found on Dave’s property 2000 feet above the Alexander Valley in California.


The Profile 

Intense and inviting with caramelized sugar, baking spices, dark fruits, butterscotch and vanilla notes.  The palate is smooth, ultra rich and layered.  The finish is impressive with honey, toast and loads of caramel.

Collections: Bourbon/Rye, Spirits


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