Tosba Mezcal "Pechuga"


48.13% ABV, 750 ml

A triple-distilled mezcal using a combination of fruits that include wild pineapple, blackberries, bananas, wild apples, plums, cinnamon and occasionally rice — plus a raw turkey breast. These ingredients are placed in a cotton net suspended by strings in the still, yielding a dense and delicious mezcal. Tosba offers one of the most expressive Pechuga in the export market, with tons of fruit & umami character, including robust nose of almonds, baked apple, grilled pineapple, basil, chocolate. The flavors are persistent and hang throughout the rich mouthfeel and long finish. Truly outstanding value.


Created by cousins Edgar Gonzalez Ramirez & Elisandro Gonzalez Molina, Tosba is unique in Oaxacan mezcal.

Hailing from the very far north of the state—among the Sierra Juarez (Sierra Norte) mountains, just south of Veracruz—their name is Zapotec for “only one” because when they set out to create their brand, they were the only active mezcaleros in the area. The cousins created Tosba to bring jobs and industry back to their community of San Cristobal Lachirioag, with a focus on environmental and ethical responsibility. They plant significantly more agave than they harvest, and grow predominantly from seed—hundreds of thousands of plants are now in the nursery, with a wide diversity of varietals. They primarily use driftwood to smoke agave and sustainable biomass like peat moss to heat the stills, all in an effort to combat deforestation. Every step of the process, down to labeling and bottling, is done locally and by hand. The goal of the project and brand is to benefit the future generations of the Sierra Norte.


Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

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