Veuve J Goudoulin Vintage 1969 Bas-Armagnac


750 ml, bottled in 2018

This J. Goudoulin 1969 vintage Bas-Armagnac has a lovely deep topaz color and notes of dried orange peel, caramel and black tea, with an extraordinarily long finish with rancio that gently blankets the mouthwatering palate.

(from Veuve J Goudoulin)


Armagnac Goudoulin was founded in 1935 by Madame Jeanne Ménal Goudoulin, who was born in 1887 in Mouchan in the département of the Gers. Through marriage, Jeanne Goudoulin came into ownership of the Domaine de Bigor in Courrensan in 1908. Following the death of her husband, Joseph Goudoulin in 1925 due to injuries suffered during the First World War, she ran the Domaine de Bigor estate in Courrensan, Bas Armagnac, on her own.

In 1935, she began to sell Armagnac from the large stock both she and previous generations had built up. Christian Faure took over the management of the estate in 1964, having spent several years working alongside his grandmother, who passed on all her expertise and knowledge of the Armagnac business.

Christian Faure retired in 2009, after having successfully expanded the business and raised the brand’s profile. Michel Miclo, owner of the Alsace-based family-owned G. Miclo Distillery bought Armagnacs J. Goudoulin. His new team’s aim is to develop the brand’s geographical reach and reputation, whilst safeguarding the traditional character and the universally acknowledged quality of our Armagnacs.

We attach great importance to respecting the traditions associated with our brandies and the quality of our products. Our brandies are stored in locally-produced oak barrels, which give them their fine amber colour.

Storage in these ‘pièces’ (400 to 450 litre size oak barrels) allows the brandy to develop a more refined character and more complex aromas. The Armagnac’s alcohol content decreases throughout the aging process because of alcohol evaporation. The alcohol thus lost is known as the ‘angels’ share’.

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