Whitefish "Cranberry Moon" Flavored Rye Whiskey


28% ABV, 750ml, handcrafted in Montana

"Straight or mixed, Whitefish Cranberry Moon is bright but still mysterious like you feel on the night of a full moon. Enjoy it over rocks in a double old-fashioned glass or shake it into a beautiful Whitefish ruby red Cosmo. The color is brilliant and makes for gorgeous holiday gifts and fabulous accents to your table.

Cranberry Moon is our unaged rye whiskey infused with pure, unfiltered, organic cranberries and a touch of raw cane. The taste is bright with the cranberry, and warm through the whiskey. Take it any direction you want! 
We came up with this recipe while working prior jobs in the oil fields of North Dakota. It was not unusual to work 120 hours or more per week, and when we got off a job, we just wanted to relax for a bit with friends. We tested our Cranberry Moon on our roughneck friends who said “oooooh…this is goooood.” And when they showed up for more the next morning with a sheepish grin for more of that “red stuff” we decided we had something worth sharing. We hope you agree. 

Cranberry Moon is a 9-times distilled, clean, pure whiskey made from grains grown in the Pacific Northwest. Rye, Montana Wheat and a little dash of corn stirred with a lot of love go into the mash. Once it is perfected and distilled to its base spirit, we infuse the whiskey with pure organic cranberries, their bright flavor and ruby color raising the bar on your average whiskey. Finally, we round it off with a touch of light brown raw cane sugar, its molasses bringing a subtle homey warmth balancing the tart from the cranberry.

It seems like everybody talks about their water and why it is special. We are fortunate at our Distillery in Kalispell, MT because our water comes from a pure "Glacial Milk" aquafer with no chlorine or other additives. What is "Glacial Milk"? Above ground, it is that beautiful turquoise colored water that gains its color from its high mineral content dissolved by the action of the glaciers. Below ground, it fills our local aquifer and flows into Flathead Lake, known as "one of the cleanest and most clear lakes in the populated world.” This water is the base of everything we make. It is the heart of the land we live on, and heart of our spirits."

Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

21 and Over: Adult Signature Required

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