Seven Stills "Another On" Hoppy Pilsner 16 oz Can Four Pack

$ 11.00

Brewed in San Francisco, this is the second release of a beer from Seven Stills

Seven Stills "Figgy Pudding" Stout Four Pack Cans

$ 16.00

Fig Flavored Stout with Spices, Hype Can Series Release #4, 7.85% ABV

Seven Stills Darkstar November Whiskey 375 ml

$ 40.00

"Darkstar November is our newest collaboration with Bottle Logic Brewing Company.  We brewed Darkstar November, an imperial stout with rye and molasses and distilled the beer at Seven Stills.  The whiskey was then barrel aged in New American Oak and...

Seven Stills Tomahawp Whiskey 375 ml

$ 40.00

w/alvarado Street Brewing​Tomahawp is the first of Seven Stills' Collaboration Series to be released as both a whiskey and beer. The beer was dry hopped with 264 pounds of Mosaic, Simcoe and Citra and then distilled resulting in a whiskey...

Seven Stills Frambooze Whiskey 375 ml

$ 40.00

From Seven Stills: "This has been a dream project for two years now and is finally available. We brewed the base framboise at Libertine Brewing in San Luis Obispo, trucked the sour beer to our distillery and distilled it, aged it...

Seven Stills "Fluxuate" Coffee Porter Four Pack Cans

$ 16.00

made with Black Medicine Coffee From Edible San Francisco. . . "The idea is appallingly simple: take the crude beer that typically becomes whiskey—that mix of soaked, mashed and fermented grains and water called “mash”—and replace it with something that...

Booker's Bourbon 2017-03 "Front Porch Batch" Bourbon Whiskey 125.9 Proof

$ 65.00

MASTER DISTILLER NOTES "This batch consisted of seven different production dates stored in six different locations within three storage warehouses. The breakdown of the barrel locations is as follows: 8% came from the 5th floor of 9-story warehouse D14% came from...