Bhakta 50 Year Old Armagnac "Charles de Gaulle" Barrel 29


ABV 48%, 750 ml

Comprised of vintage Armagnacs 1868 – 1888 – 1924 –1931 – 1960 – 1963 –1967 – 1970, bottled in Condom, France

Barrel 29: "de Gaulle", 574 Bottles produced

"The 29th barrel is named for Charles de Gaulle rose to prominence in WWII when he refused to accept the French government’s truce with Germany, exiling himself in London. From there, he created a new government for his home country. He resigned, only to be tapped again in 1958 when he became president of the French Fifth Republic. His nationalist approach earned him a second term as president in 1965. A tenacious statesman, de Gaulle had strong beliefs that he abided by in all his actions."


"BHAKTA 50 is a limited edition 50-year Armagnac collection for spirit enthusiasts seeking the best spirits in the world. When the brand first started, we created 38 single barrels, each a blend of Armagnac vintages from our single vintage library spanning 1868 - 1970, giving you the opportunity to taste spirits distilled in the 19th century.

A brief finish in a Scotch Islay cask makes it one of the most unique spirits collectibles you will find anywhere. Sampling this astounding array of historic vintages involves a journey across the twists and turns of time—and offers a unique glimpse into the mind of our founder, Raj Peter Bhakta.

We recommend buying one to enjoy and one to save as a long-term asset. One to stock, one to rock. The bottle you stock could more than pay for both as these limited releases vanish."

Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

21 and Over: Adult Signature Required

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