Citadelle Gin 750 ml


44% ABV, 750 ml

"Citadelle Gin was created in 1989 by Alexandre Gabriel, owner of Maison Ferrand better known for its Pierre Ferrand Cognac and Plantation Rum brands. The base of the gin is made from a neutral wheat spirit and a total of 19 botanicals are incorporated. These include: juniper, violet root, coriander, almond, lemon rind, orange peel, angelica, cardamom, cassia bark, cinnamon, licorice, grains of paradise, cubeb, cumin, savory, star anise, nutmeg, fennel and orris root." The Distiller

From the Gin Foundry: "Citadelle Gin is triple-distilled from wheat and spring water. Before being steeped in neutral alcohol, the master distiller selects the botanicals that will complement the freshness of the juniper with tart, floral and exotic flavours. A work of fine balance, it allows the flavours and aromas to intermingle in a perfect harmony. Once the steeping is complete, the infusion is then distilled in small Charentais pot stills with an open flame. The slow distillation allows the distiller to precisely select the heart of the gin, whilst the relatively low swan’s neck favours the concentration of essential oils; all of which contributing to the gin’s aromatic quality."

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