Amethyst Handcrafted Lavender Gin


45% ABV, 750 ml

The award-winning Ellensburg Distillery is situated on the West Coast, in Washington state, and has been operational since 2008. It is the state's only second licensed distillery. They are focused on handcrafted spirits ranging from whiskey to vodka, brandy, and gin: Wildcat White Whiskey, Wild Horse Vodka, and Golden Bee honey spirit, to name a few.

The area in the Pacific Northwest has significantly less rain and plenty of sunshine, meaning lavender thrives in the wild. Apart from the eight traditional botanicals, Ellensburg Distillery adds carefully measured amounts of lavender during the distilling process, making for a modern, classy, and different gin. As befits the distillery's handcrafted mantra, the lavender is grown naturally on their own Spring Creek farm. The gin is made with 100% grain neutral spirits, is vapor distilled in small batches and is distinctly aromatic and unique on its own. It shines even brighter in cocktails and makes for a wonderfully fresh and crisp gin and tonic.

Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

21 and Over: Adult Signature Required

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