Estancia Raicilla Pechuga Agave Spirit


48% ABV, 750 ml

The first Raicilla Pechuga commercially available in the USA, this bottle is a limited seasonal release from Estancia. Maestro raicillero Alfredo Salvatierra roasts his Maximiliana in an adobe oven, fermenting the agave in clay amphora pots, then distills it twice using traditional copper pot stills. Subsequently, he adds an array of locally harvested ingredients, including toasted pumpkin seed, quince, apple, plum, lemon leaves, toasted almonds, chamomile, hibiscus, orange blossom and raw turkey breast suspended in the still, before running the spirit through a third time.

A celebration of harvest and community fellowship, it is thrilling to experience the Pechuga tradition from a whole new point of view in La Estancia de Landeros!


Background on the brand. . .

In 2014, Rio Chenery left New York City and returned to his family home in Jalisco. He had been witnessing firsthand the worldwide explosion of agave spirits, and wanted to bring more unique Mexican distillates like the ones he grew up around to international audiences. With that goal in mind, Rio founded Estancia.

Beginning with the Raicilla he’d known since childhood, Rio has expanded the scope of the brand, remaining at the forefront of unique Mexican style and distillation to bring a diverse and educational selection of agave spirits to new audiences and palates, working with humility and respect with his local producers across Mexico.

Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

21 and Over: Adult Signature Required

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