Mezcal Marca Negra Tobala


(50.5% ABV, 750 ml) & (46.8% ABV, 700 ml) in stock, 100% Agave Tobalá, Las Margaritas, Oaxaca


"The tobala is called the King of Mezcal by many because of its rarity and robust flavor.  While they grow wild, they are also being routinely cultivated these days, making them less rare.  They may not taste exactly the same, but directionally so.  And if this allows us to drink more great mezcal, I am all for it.  This Marca Negra is made from wild tobala and tips the ABV-scales at 49%.  Wow!  I can only think of one or two bottles in the US that have a higher ABV.  The high ABV can be challenging on the palate because the alcohol can overpower everything else that is going on.  In this case, while present, the high ABV does not overwhelm the mezcal and leaves plenty of room for the tropical fruit flavors to flourish." Mezcal PHD

Bottle Size: All bottles are 750ML unless otherwise noted.

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